Heavy Hitters

May 9th 2015 Marks the first meet for the Heavy Hitters Power lifting team. It was a great meet filled with friends, family, adrenaline, first timers and Personal Bests.

Recap of Hardcore Power lifting meet for the Heavy Hitters Team:

Katelynn “Kansas” Travers, this was her first Powerlifting meet. Last year she was successful in her first figure competition at a local show, taking 4th place. This girl dabbles in it all. Well rounded and hard working. Katelynn put up a 300lb Deadlift, big weight but sadly got red lighted for a bit of a hitch. You bet we were all proud of her for getting that weight off the floor. She ended with a successful 285# deadlift, 215# Squat, and a 125#Bench. Not bad for her first time on the offical platform. Well done Kansas Kate!!!

Natasha Hanganu, a fun energetic blonde to watch. This was Natasha second time in a power lifting meet. She has made great progress over the last year increasing her total. She is fun to watch and brings some good energy to the team. She successfully squatted #205, Bench pressed 135#, and pulled a 250# Deadlift. She has much more in her and we are excited to see her strive and more meets. Great work Natasha!

Tasha “the Wolf” Whelan, the loud, cheerful, grunter of the bunch showed us what hard work can really do. Tasha has also made some amazing progress since the IPL Powerlifting World Championships back in November.  Tasha ended up breaking 2 federation records with her 285# squat, and a heavy 375# deadlift. Winning both events and taking a second place in the bench press with a 175# lift, failing at 190# bench. Don’t worry Wolf, we know you hit that next time. Keep up the hard work kid, it’s paying off.

Tasha Prize SquatTasha Interview


Moving on to the Heavy Hitting Fellas of the team.

Young Zach “powerhouse” Barrons brings some good competition. This kid is just fun to watch. Standing 6 ft 4 inclines tall, this lanky buff kid knows how to pull some heavy weight off the floor. Successfully lifting 565# as a second attempt, and battle for first place with a pull of 585#, it was close, but took second in this lift. Before this, Zach squatted 420# and benching 320#. Long and lean, this 23 year old is a crazy fun Heavy Hitter who is just beginning and has so far to go.

Battle for first in the Deadlift with the Powerhouse Barrons, was other team-mate Stead Mathis 11. This was the lift to watch. Neck and neck, Zach and Steadman go lifting 545’s as openers, both nailing the lift, second lifts both going for 565 and both got them. Final attempt the two of the battle it out for 585# pull, taking it with a big ‘ol grin on his face was the man, Steadman successfully locking out the weight. Making this lift look easy Steadman took the win. Steadman has competed in two additional meets along side team-mates Dan Stephenson and Tasha Whelan. Steadman is a rising powerlifter who knows how to get the work done. Taking first place in the last 2 meets he competed in and first at the Double Vikings meet with his 585# Deadlift, a PR of 450# squat and a 350# Bench. Not bad, not bad at all Steadman.

Dan Stephenson, on the rise to big meets and big lifts, this guy is one to keep your eyes on. Taking second overall in this weight class, but winning the squat event with a beautiful, easy looking 480#, 500lbs right around the corner. Dan is a beast, an animal….a….. DANimal. He was on fire. Nailed a 30lb PR on Deadlift with a big 555 pull. Made it look like cake. Benching a 340# bench. Dan’s on his way to a big total and easily qualying for nationals and Worlds again. Dan was a big success and an awesome coach for the team. Can’t wait to see you again on the platform Danimal.

Cory “Princess” Payne, this guy is pretty 😉 I mean making all the lifts look pretty. Great technique and skill, he made this lifts look effortless. Cory squatted a big 485# smoothly, defintly left some in the tank, he is well over a 500lb squatter, we look forward to seeing that Princess. Bench is next, not one of Cory’s favorites but again he makes it look pretty. Ending with a 260# bench and pulling a 560# deadlift. Cory you made the team look good. Strong and clean lifting.

The Heavy Hitters have just begun. Keep up with us and check back in to find out what we’re up to.

The Heavy Hitters Powerlifting team had a strong showing at the 2015 Emerald Cup Expo and Hardcorepowerlifting.com’s “Double Viking” meet.