Technique Resources

Lifting Cues

Detailed Main Lift Execution and Variations

Lifting Gear Recommendations


Inzer 13mm Forever Belt

Wrist Wraps

Elite FTS Enforcer Wrist Wraps

Elite FTS Constrictor Wrist Wraps

Elite FTS Normal Wrist Wraps

 Knee Wraps

Sling Shot World Record Knee Wraps

 Knee Sleeves

TK Knee Sleeves


Good for Lifting

Converse Chuck Taylor

New Balance Minimus

Good for Narrow Stance Squatting and Olympic Weightlifting

Adidas Powerlift Trainer 2

Resistance Bands

Elite FTS Pro Bands


Liquid Chalk

Sling Shot

Hip Circle

Compression Wrap/Floss

Reading Recommendations


Belly Fat Effect -Mike Mutzel

Power Eating -Susan Kleiner

Strength Training

Serious Strength Training -Tudor Bompa

Deadlift Dynamite -Andy Bolton and Pavel

Bench Press: The Science -Josh Bryant

Life and Motivation

Under the Bar -Dave Tate